6 Effective Tips to Retarget Customers

Re-targeting is being used as the most effective tool in Affiliate Marketing. A customer once visited your website can leave the page at any stage of the purchase funnel. He needs to be retargeted to make him purchase the product. The concept of retargeting is very simple. When you know a person liked a particular product, you know the most potential customer and approaching him with attractive deals on the product increases the chances of getting a conversion done many times.

Retargeting is done through cookies. Whenever the customer browse any website cookies are saved in his system and the advertiser can analyze the behavior and interests of the customer. But the conversions rate also depends on the strategy and tips you use to retarget the customer. Here are 6 effective tips to retarget customers and ensure the best conversion rate.

  1. Make Customer Benefits Primary

Don’t talk about your company or product. Talk about the customer benefits. If you say the hair dye will turn your hair naturally black no one will give heed but if you say turn your grey hair naturally black and look younger, people will definitely think about it.

In the same way if you say the ‘xyz’ mosquito repellant kills all the mosquitoes, people will definitely not listen but if you say the mosquito repellent prevents you from fatal diseases like Malaria, Chikungunya, Dog Heartworm, Dengue, Yellow Fever, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, St. Louis Encephalitis and West Nile Virus etc. caused by mosquitoes they would definitely understand their benefits. So, tell them how the product will benefit them or how your offer can make them save money.


  1. Use Pop-up Ads

Use pop-up ads as they appear straight in front of the user on the screen and needs to be cancelled increasing the chances of being clicked or at least the user reads the offer you have sent. Pop-up ads ensure that your offer is being noticed.


  1. Synchronize strategies with specific customer actions

Don’t send same offer to everyone. Handle customers at different stages of the purchase funnel differently. There are several types of customers one who checked a product and left, one who abandoned the cart or one who just spent few minutes on the portal and left without checking any product.

Entice them with the offer on those particular products or sign up offer of fixed amount across website to the customer who just browsed the home page or scrolled other pages.


  1. Limited-Time offers

Limited time offers are just awesome. They increase the possibilities of impulse buying. Offer for first 10 customer, rush hour, offer for 2 hours, offer ends in two days are such offers that compel customers to leverage the benefits without giving them much time to change the decision for any trivial reason or just to leave the task for tomorrow.

Limited-Time offers-retargeting

  1. Carefully put CTA

CTA (Call To Action) plays a significant role in making the customer take desired action. CTA like Act now, Enroll now, Try now, Start today and Get more info instead of click here and buy now works better. You can do A/B split testing as well while retargeting customers via email. It helps you to put the CTA that works definitely.


  1. Enticing Images

Images attract customers better than text. Instead of using just any relevant image choose or create an image that reflects your thoughts. If you are a health & fitness portal use the pictures of slim and fit people showing their slim waist or fruits& vegetables instead your equipments or products.



An affiliate having better understanding of retargeting can give quality and quantity sales. Joining the Affiliate Ad Network Companies in India having affiliates proficient at retargeting can boost the number of conversions immensely. Advertisers should ensure that the publishers following the tips before they hand over their campaigns to them.

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