Creative Optimization Is a Single Answer to Many Questions

Undoubtedly display is a dynamic and potential marketing strategy since it catches the attention of marketers every now and then and becomes the talk of the town. In our last post, we have talked about CMP (Creative Management Platform) already which is not enough to appreciate the technology and platform display has acquired so far. Let’s answer few questions to understand the significance of display and CMP in the arena of marketing.

  • How can I realize the idea of One-to-one marketing?

Every marketer dreams of doing one-to-one marketing to get the best returns of the investment. It requires understanding the behavior of the customer and reaching him with the right creative to bring him down in the purchase funnel. One creative cannot convince all and getting a multitude of creative ready, entails a hell of money and time. But, CMP beats all these odds of display marketing and make it ideal for one-to-one marketing strategy.

  • Can display beat TV ever?

Display is becoming apparent rival of TV but the question ‘Can display beat TV ever?’ is still seeking an answer. What TV lacks is high cost of updating the TV commercial. But, the CMP makes display far better since it optimize the creative on the go at low cost. Now, each creative can be easily replaced with dynamic and personalized creative on the basis of data acquired.

  • Is there any antidote for Ad-Blocking?

Something is intruding when the user is captivated by the content, but imagine something more interesting can be shown to the user. The user will be rather thankful than getting annoyed. This data driven use of CMP can uproot the cause of the existence of ‘Ad-blockers’. Why someone will be installing an ad-blocker when he is getting the right and required stuff to see every time.

  • Is it necessary to do branding first of all?

When an advertiser and especially a start-up approaches CPA Ad Network in India, he is told to go for branding campaign first but, CMP has blurred the line between branding and cost-per-acquisition campaign. Now, the customer can be informed about the brand name, taught about the cornerstone of the brand and enticed with offer immediately on the go with the help of CMP.

Find your answer to go with CMP

CMP eventually enables display to meet the fast pace of life and fight the cut-throat competition. The technology and data driven marketing has all the answers. The advertisers can hold the magic stick for display shortcomings and disappear all their worries of investing in display advertising.

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