Why to Sign up with the Affiliate Ad Networks offering deep linking

Advanced affiliates prefer to sign up with only those Ad networks in India offering deep linking facility as it helps them maximize the chances of getting the action done. It ultimately helps them to increases the bottom line. With the advent of this facility in performance based marketing, the process got more targeted.

What is Deep Linking?

Deep Linking allows visitor to reach directly to the internal page of the website instead of home page where the relevant product is displayed. The link code includes path and page after home page. For instance ‘http: //example.com/path/page’ instead of just ‘http: //example.com/’.

Let’s Understand


This is a code generated for the publishers to add in their webpage through which they refer the customers to advertiser’s website. The code black in color in starting is the tracking URL through which the ad network track its sales, next in red color is the URL of home page of the advertiser and then comes deep linking code green in color.

If the code green in color was not there, customer would have landed on the advertiser’s home page after reading about the product and offer. This makes him perplexed as well as he has to navigate the website again to find the same product.

Benefits of Deep Linking in Affiliate Marketing

Better conversion rate

Deep Linking definitely improves conversion rate. When the customer lands directly on the page where product is displayed he will order it instantly. Hence, more orders means better conversion rate.

Minimize bounce rate

Imagine the customer lands on the home page of the website after viewing the offer. There are chances that he would not like to make efforts to find the product and closes the page as soon as he opens. This will increase the bounce rate but when he lands on the internal page instantly orders product and bounce rate will be automatically minimized.

Targeted promotion

Publishers can directly target the product to promote. If there is an offer on mobile phone they just need to review the product on their website and refer customers directly to the page accommodating mobile phones. This helps the customer to focus on the product instead of getting diverted by reaching on home page.

Saves time

Read the offer    —->     Click on it    —->     Land on product page    —->     Order the product    —->     Done

4 short steps and the customer buy the product. He can save the time of searching the product after landing on homepage and then getting confirmed that this is the same product available in discount offer.

Maximize average time duration

This also helps to maximize average time duration on the website as the customer will definitely get engrossed in watching and reading the features of the product before buying.

All these benefits emphasize on the use of Deep Linking in Affiliate Marketing. Affiliates using Deep Linking are earning far more than the Affiliates not using it. Hence, it becomes mandatory to sign up with the affiliate ad networks in India that offer the facility of deep linking.

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