Dealing with Ad Blocking

Internet is full of information and a major part of information on the internet is free. Millions of blogs and websites are updated every day with information and people access it free of cost. Audience pay by giving attention to the brand messages given alongside with the content in the lieu of getting information free of cost.

But, some malware ads cause disruption and distract audience from reading the content. Now, even audience have adopted the tendency of ignoring display ads. In this situation it has become very much difficult for affiliate marketers to connect audience with display ads and drive conversion.

Moreover, Ad Blocking software creates a big reason to worry for them. According to a report published in MarketingLand on 14 October, 2015 about 200 million people have stopped ads, out of which 181 million are desktop users. Let’s discuss about ad blocking and dealing with ad blocking.

What is Ad Blocking?

Ad Blocking means blocking of ads with the use of some simple software programs. The basic job of this software is to prevent the ads from being shown on websites. These are typically browser add-ons available for different browsers like Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, and IE web browsers.

Dealing with Ad blocking

Marketers can deal with Ad blocking by preventing the software from being installed in their browsers. Here are some tips to engage the audience and making them notice your display ads as well-

Engaging Content

To make people give attention to the ads displayed on the webpage is to keep them engaged with the content. Therefore, it becomes utmost necessary to provide engaging and informative content to the readers so that they stay on the page for longer.

Customization & Personalization of content

Customize and personalize the content according to the needs of the audience which you can discover by following his history. You should provide similar content and videos of the same length. These strategies also help to engage the customer on website.

What audience doesn’t like

The actual reason behind installation of ads blockers is the disruption and inconveniences the audience suffer from. Therefore, it becomes necessary that the ads should not disturb the engrossed user by popping up suddenly on the webpage. Along with this there should be a close button on the ad to close it immediately if the user does not want to see it.

Relevant Ads

Ads you are displaying on the webpage with your content should be relevant and there should be capping on the frequency on the same ad shown. User would never give attention to the ads if they are not relevant with the content and this is the great method to reach the highly specific audience as well.


There should be a check on the interest of the audiences. If they want to read the content there should no interruption in that. Since an annoyed customer with a brand’s display ad will not have the good impression of the brand as well. Therefore, brands should ensure that the affiliate marketing networks in India are working with the publishers who genuinely display their ads on websites instead of forcefully pushing them in front of the users.

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