Quantifying the Influence of Influencer Marketing

A new and powerful strategy is being discussed at mainstream events is Influencer Marketing. Marketers always knew that the reference of any brand name from someone very close or influential works substantially. People believe it more than any ad run by the brand itself.

The idea of promoting a brand name this way works well and ensures very good returns on investments. It is applicable and affordable for small and medium enterprises as well and they are leveraging the benefits after quantifying the influence of influencer marketing.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is indeed leveraging the power of influential people on digital media. It is also known as the process of targeting, identifying and connecting with people on digital media who can influence your target audience. In spite of connecting with the audience on your own.

Who is an Influencer?

The strategy completely revolves around the one who holds the power to affect the attitude and behaviour of others. On digital media, these are the people with a great fan following on social media and have a huge readership on their blogs.

What are advantages of Influencer Marketing?

It enables brands reach a large mass of audience feasibly and quickly. It all happens just by contacting a person and ensuring reach to all his followers. It also increases social influence since the message of such people is shared at social media in large volume than others even more than from the brand itself. The promotional strategy helps in the acquisition of new customers as well and since they are acquired by a great influence, they are more likely to become patronage.

How to find Influencers?

Research for such people who have a great fan following and are connected with your relevant vertical. Try to reach them with the help of contact form in their website and check their social media profiles. Subscribe their blogs by joining their mailing list and reply to their emails. You can also use tools like Buzzsumo and Empactana to find such influencers.

Points to keep in mind while finding influencers

  • Check the Google search rankings and the frequency of their blog posts. The frequency of blog posts is very crucial since it holds the readership of the influencer constant.
  • Consider their previous experience of working with brands. Experienced individuals need fewer instructions and directions for writing. They might get you something better than you are expecting.
  • Make their medium of engagement a point with the audience. They should be available cross-device to meet the pace of the technology as well as use multiple digital media channels to reach the audience.

A Powerful Marketing Strategy

It is a powerful marketing strategy since it works by using the voice of a single individual to influence hundreds and thousands of people. Finding the best publisher network in India can also help brands to reach the influencers. The promotional strategy is growing by leaps and bounds as it increases the return on investment considerably and provides long-term benefits if gets successful once.

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