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iCubesWire Working on Building Technology-Led Marketing Ecosystem: Sahil Chopra

In today’s scenario, it’s essentially important for a company to have an equally powerful marketing strategy as its product. iCubesWire, a leading digital marketing company in India, entered its 11th year of operations in April 2020, revolutionizing the performance marketing operations in India. It was founded in 2010 by Sahil Chopra, a young entrepreneur with

[Interview] Sahil Chopra, CEO and Founder, iCubesWire

“A positive shift is being witnessed with the skyrocketing demand of digital market. It has become an important part of any brand to bank upon the digital opportunities and explore the online space. With new innovations filling up the market, the future is bright and favorable.”  Sahil Chopra, CEO and Founder, iCubesWire published on: