Live In-Game Events Present A Unique Opportunity For Brands, Franchises, & Performers

Marketers have ‘ad-ded’ more to gaming. Several brands are jumping on the bandwagon every day to capture the attention of people and build an imperishable recall in their minds. However, doing so is only possible if brand managers smartly identify the platforms on which their target audience is most active.

Search and social media ads, even though performing well, have now been rendered as a conventional approach. And when eyeing Gen Z as our prime target audience, TV and Radio don’t stand a chance. Therefore, brands need to watch user behavior when implementing a marketing strategy closely.

This is where the gaming industry comes in place. There exist a plethora of opportunities to be tapped upon. Today, the gaming community exceeds the 3.24 billion mark globally. What’s more, these numbers are built upon an equal number of men and women. The audience on gaming platforms is as diverse as it can be, from Gen Z and Gen X to millennials.

Live-in game events open the doors for new opportunities for brands, franchises, and performers. There have been multiple cases where gamers have actively participated in an in-game event. According to Deloitte Insights, one-fourth of US gamers that attended an in-game event in the last year were millennials and men, and eight out of those ten who participated at the in-game event made a purchase.

Gaming has become an interactive space, allowing users to become a part of the journey with its immersive gameplay. In April 2020, Fortnite collaborated with Travis Scott for an in-game concert. The game even designed in-game posters for the promotion of the concerts. For further amplification, the posters were shared on social media. Fortnite even created a unique visual experience, featuring Travis’s giant hologram.

Gaming companies have been leveraging freemium business models, subscriptions, and in-game purchases. With the gaming industry picking up pace, the competition is even tougher among live streaming channels. Moreover, the gaming industry is shaping an economy of digital goods and merchandise that attracts more marketers than ever.

Esports in India have been rising in popularity, capturing the attention of many viewers. As a result, the Esports market has already secured its value at $900 million. Dota 2, Call of Duty, and League of Legends are some of the most popular Esports tournaments, and brands are actively participating in these events in the form of in-game ads.

The gaming industry, without a doubt, gives marketers the key to reaching diverse audiences. With its popularity among different age groups, an integrated in-game advertising strategy can bring you closer to your potential consumers.

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