How to maximize your reach through video marketing? What can be done to level it up to bring your business to its peak?

Videos are spearheading a revolution in marketing and are the soul of an integrated marketing strategy. Videos appeal to masses belonging to different segments and give back amplified engagement in exchanging entertainment and information. Over the past few years, technological advances have led to the wide acceptance of videos as an efficient communication medium on the internet.


Be it any social media platform, from Instagram to LinkedIn, and you will find the feed teeming with short videos. Businesses worldwide are reaping the fruits of off-the roof engagement and revenue. 87% of marketers ensured an excellent ROI from video campaigns in 2021.
Furthermore, 78% of companies have witnessed a boom in their bottom line after introducing video marketing. As social media and mobile phone technology reach more hands as each day passes, brands proactively push marketing videos on these platforms. In the past, brands only broadcasted video commercials on TV, but we have a spectrum of choices available at our end in the present scenario.
In 2021, brands are on the crutches of video marketing to uplift various advertising functions like sales, sustenance, customer awareness, customer experience, etc. Advertisers across the globe rely on video marketing to generate traffic on the web, win customers, and educate them. With video marketing bringing the much-needed shift in the marketing landscape, it is crucial to understand how brands can leverage videos to get their business to its peak.

Let users see you through video SEO

We all are aware of Search Engine Optimization. It allows you to rank higher on the search engine results page and pulls organic traffic towards your website. Nevertheless, most brands do not know it goes beyond the margins of the written word. Today, marketers also integrate SEO with videos. With YouTube being the second-largest search engine, it only makes sense to include YouTube as a fruitful channel in your marketing strategy.

Brands should begin with keyword research to optimize video title, description, tags, and add relevant keywords to rank higher on YouTube. Brands can optimize their videos with relevant keywords while keeping in mind the different aspects like domain authority and backlinks to rank higher on Google.

Multi-channel approach

Brands must work towards enhancing reach by disseminating videos on different platforms. All the social media platforms have become more user-intuitive with features like stories and video sharing. For example, Instagram straightaway allows you to share your post on Facebook and Tumblr. Similarly, YouTube will enable you to republish a video to Facebook in a seamless manner. Of course, it’s always best to pick out the highlights of your long-form video and promote it as Instagram stories and on IGTV. Moreover, keep an eye on the specifications of each social media platform to ensure whatever you post looks visually appealing.

Call to Action in video

The inclusion of a Call-to-Action is vital for any marketing endeavor towards deriving an immediate sale. A CTA is simply a phrase that compels the reader to make a decision. Video marketing should leverage and incorporate call-to-actions and prompt viewers to take action. A good CTA always tells the audience what to do because if you shy away from giving your audience instructions, they might not know what to do. In addition, video marketing campaigns are the most efficient when it comes to increasing brand awareness. Therefore, marketers must make adding a CTA to all their video marketing campaigns a golden rule.
As video marketing and technological advancements make headway, more brands come forward to include video as a vital element of their marketing strategy. However, we are yet to leverage the full potential of video marketing and devise campaigns where consumer engagement is at heart.



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