Digital Marketing Agency iCubesWire unveils expansion plan for iCubesWire VIDX

Digital marketing agency iCubesWire has unveiled its plans to expand iCubesWire Vidx, its animation studio. As part of the expansion plan, iCubesWire VIdx aims to grow its presence across the country. The studio is currently based in the company’s headquarters in Gurgaon. The agency is planning to hire additional 50 new roles for Vidx across its offices in 2022.

“We are committed to building on to the VIDX business unit and are aggressively adding talent and technology to grow the same. iCubesWire being in the market for 11+ years understands the pulse of the customer and VIdx will continue to build on the same. We have more demand than supply, and that at times is a good challenge to have. UAE is another market we are expecting to see a major demand from,” Sahil Chopra, founder and CEO, iCubesWire, said.

iCubesWire VIDX is spearheaded by Nishant Sharma, co-founder and CBO, iCubesWire. The studio division consists of a team of more than 50 people and has clients such as IndiGo Airlines, Adani Group. The team is currently working on signing up more international projects. Their core job is planning, scripting, creating, editing world-class 2d and 3d animation content.

Founded in 2010. iCubesWire claims to offer 360-degree concepts to more than 250 clients across e-commerce, automobile, technology, finance, travel, hospitality, and more. The agency has its presence across the Middle East and southeast Asia. In a bid to carve a niche in the marketing space, the agency iCubesWire has been consistently investing in R&D and business expansion.

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