Why Artificial Intelligence will lead to job opportunities, give a boost to skill upgradation

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 Artificial Intelligence is the biggest buzzword going around this season. Everyone is engaging in discussions over chatbots and putting across their ideologies, assumptions and thoughts around it. It is one of the most searched topics on the Internet in recent times with a plethora of articles associated with it. Amidst all this, there are a still a few questions that remain unanswered and unexplored, igniting inhibitions for the future.

Is AI really as intelligent as it is made out to be?

Well, come to think of it, it is helping solve issues being faced by customers and bridging gaps between customers and the brand. Solutions seem to be just a chat away now. Sounds easy, simple and quick, right? According to one survey, 56 percent of people are now communicating with a company via chats for the first time. A lot of brands these days are banking upon this opportunity and interacting with the user via chat-bots. Not only is it convenient, but also curtails the chances of human error. However, it certainly cannot cater to issues that are not pre-fed in the system, which also becomes its most negative trait. It might be intelligent, but its still artificial.

Is AI a real threat?

The farsighted impact of AI on humanity is hitherto uncertain. Its full effects are unknown, which could be devastating or favorable. However, one thing is certain; just like each field/vertical has created a space of its own, the prominence of AI will also materialize similarly. It will not lead to people losing out on jobs, rather will create scope for more employment. There will arise an urgency of framing an AI department in every organization, just like technologies before have been incorporated. This stands true as according to a Forrester survey, 87 percent of CEOs are investing in AI workforce and the percentage is bound to increase in the coming years. People need to upgrade themselves with respect to technology and digitization and understand the onset of the AI technology.
As per a survey, it is presumed that 85 percent of customers will be interacting with software robots in the next five years. AI is an excellent medium for communicating both internally and externally. Come to think of it, innumerable things revolving around us are artificial intelligence driven. The more we use it, the more we get used to it.

Is it the need of the hour?

Quite a few brands are standing with by the customer-first approach, which means catering to their needs and queries with the blink of an eye. This is exactly what happens when AI comes into the picture along with human intelligence. From FMCG to travel to real estate, educational, etc., all sectors are swiftly shifting to a chat-bot approach, which is beneficial for the customer as well as the brand.

 Is AI really the future?

At present, the penetration of Artificial Intelligence is gradually paving the way our lives will be shaped. Development is at a very fast pace. As per a study, the worth of the chatbot market is estimated to grow by 35 percent by 2022. This innovative virtual assistant caters to the needs and solves queries almost immediately making it a preferred choice for people. Even though AI has shaped up and advanced practically overnight, it is still in its nascent stage and the bigger share is yet to be explored. It is taken for granted that AI has infinite possibilities with no defined finish line. The technology will always be futuristic indeed but whether the use will also be as farsighted, will surely be interesting to witness.

Artificial Intelligence is the automated version of human intelligence, which will have repercussions that will be experienced only over time. While its surely making life more convenient, it cannot offer the intelligence, emotion, empathy and understanding of that characterises humanism. Contrary to popular belief, AI is not a replacement for human beings at all, rather an enhancement of our knowledge and experience that will forge a niche of its own, while the importance of humans and their intelligence shall always remain indomitable.

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