Does AI Understand the EQ Over IQ?

‘IBM’s Chef Watson’ & Affectiva’ is already turning the tables and how! Read on to know more.


The capability of expressing and understanding emotions is the only thing which separates us humans from machines. What if a machine becomes intelligent enough to match the level? Does it give you a frisson of terror? I am sure it does.


But as they say, every coin has two sides, this one also has. No matter how intelligent a machine is, the creator will be a human (at least for another few decades). At a certain point in time, it’s much needed that traditional intelligence-based jobs are done by machines. Anything which is repetitive in nature can be automated. Slowly and steadily machines are “gearing up”, we are making them intelligent day by day. We are making them intelligent enough that they are becoming independent to take decisions. For example, IBM’s Chef Watson is capable of developing new recipes and also create unique flavors. This was always considered to be the expertise of a skilled human. Chat-bots are becoming smart day by day and you hardly can differentiate between human and chat-bot conversations. More and more chat-bots are passing the “Turing Test”. A test (Turing Test) to gauge the intelligence of the machine that a human is unable to distinguish between machine and another human basis the replies on questions put to both.


*The global chatbot market will reach $ 1.25 Billion by 2025

On the other side, jobs like customer service are something where a machine might not be able to learn skills like persuasion, empathy or how to deal with an angry customer. An artificial intelligence led machine cannot write the article which you are reading right now.


Four key innovations which are opening new chapters in AI led interventions that are transforming the world like never before.


  1. IBM’s Chef Watson– Chef Watson is part of IBM’s mission to develop cognitive computing applications that can help people discover new ideas, from creating surprising new recipes for improving medical research. Over the last year, it has helped thousands of home chefs create delicious meals.
  2. Affectiva – a pioneer in award-winning AI emotion recognition technology, built on a science platform that uses deep learning and the world’s largest emotion data repository of nearly 4.9 million faces analyzed from 75 countries, amounting to more than 50 billion emotion data points.
  3. Algorithms are changing the game for Internet of Things master players like Netflix & Facebook are leveraging upon it and are emerging already successful case studies.
  4. Chatbots with the advent of data, chatbots are getting a superb makeover with the help of intelligence


More and more tech companies, startups, and researchers around the world are pacing to develop AI solutions integrating EQ as part of intelligence upgrade to make it more robust AI solution with augmented outreach. Stay tuned as there will be more innovations coming up very soon. Experts are contending that GPUs will accelerate and will remain as an important part of computational power which will drive the next level of AI leaps. AI hardware such as ‘Neuromorphic chips’ and ‘Quantum computing’ systems is all set to open a new chapter into the future!


No matter how intelligent an AI machine is, it will still be artificial. We can’t deny the possibility but machines will take decades to get EQ over IQ and even if it happens, it will be done by us humans!


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