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 Sahil Chopra, CEO & Founder, iCubesWire tells us about his ‘things to do’ buckletlist and how doing new things keeps him going

During the course of our lives, we routinely discover new hobbies which we gradually shape and turn into fierce passions. This is a great way to push yourself and become the jack of all trades, trying your hand at various things.

As a curious fellow myself, I’ve always been on a lookout for new adventures and I am game for almost everything. One such endeavor which grabbed my interest about six months ago, was golf. Being a fitness enthusiast and an ardent sportsman since childhood, I was excited to explore golf. It would not be wrong to say that I fell in love with this sophisticated game. It was a new bug that had bitten me and since then I have found my muse, in terms of leisure.

Starting from scratch, from being an amateur to a mid-level player, it has been a graph of fantastic growth. Within a matter of a few months, my hobby turned into a passion so serious, that now I aspire to participate in the Professional Golfers’ Association, the foremost golf tournament. I want to pursue this passion of with utmost zeal, and if I may disclose a little secret, if given a chance, my next career move would be to become a full-time golfer.

Writing a book is yet another thing I have never done, but hope to someday. I enjoy reading and penning down my thoughts and ideas in the form of blogs, articles, inspirational messages, etc, but have never found the time for to collate them into a book. It would be a dream come true to be able to write one. Contrary to the usual trend, my book would not revolve around Do’s & Don’ts of Business or the like, but would rather be a narrative describing incidents and lessons which have shaped my life, making me the person I am today. I hope to reach millions of people by sharing my experiences with them, adding value to their thought process in some way.

Of course, the list of hobbies I wish to pursue would be incomplete without a mention of travel. Being a travel enthusiast, I love visiting places, exploring new cities and thankfully, I’ve managed to cover quite a few. However, one wish remains yet unfulfilled. I wish to drive cross-country, from Gurgaon to London on my Thar. Sounds enthralling, right? Well, it definitely is. Of course, the investment in terms of time, money and planning is huge, but the outcome would surely be worth the effort. Though a handful of people these days have travelled to various countries via road, this would still be a one-of-a-kind road trip that would top my list of craziest things attempted in life. Whether it would be a solo or a family trip or one with friends, depends on whether there are volunteers to join in the madness with me. Once I make this trip, I am certain that there would be numerous adventures which could serve as fodder for my book.

As I write this, I am basking in the glory of imagination of having accomplished these dreams of mine. How delightful will it be! I would recommend that everyone make a bucket list of things they want to achieve in life. As for me, once I fulfill the ones mentioned, I’ll add a bunch of others to the list. Even as of now, there are numerous other whims and desires that I hope to fulfill, but these three clearly top my priority list of ‘things to do’, and I hope that within a few years’ time I am able to strike them off the list.

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