Metropolis And iCubesWire launch AI enabled Digital Campaign

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In an industry first, Metropolis- the pathology specialists will use AI enabled ad solutions. They have opted for iCubesWire’s technology solutions aiming to seamlessly bridge the gap between consumer & the brand.

In today’s times, people are extremely occupied with their work life to an extent that the personal life takes a backseat especially when it comes to one’s health. Through this campaign, Metropolis is generating a questionnaire with the help of the Artificial Intelligence Tool which seeks answers based on health habits of the individual and working hours on the basis of their routine and lifestyle. This campaign is initiated to acquaint the viewers of their unhealthy, unfit lifestyle & let them know the correct way towards a healthy life.

Speaking on the same, Piyush Kumar, Chief Marketing Officer, Metropolis India, says, “We have always believed to create conversations with consumers and what better than the latest technology – Artificial Intelligence. It is a great opportunity to utilize the technology to engage with consumers, really a first in the industry. With our focus of strengthening Metropolis as a consumer centric brand and to interact with the audience in their preferred way, intelligent chatbot fits the requirement. iCubesWire has inaugurated Instatalk – the AI enabled digital innovation & we are happy to explore the possibilities of the same. As a brand, Metropolis will always push the digital boundaries to be closer to consumers.”

Commenting on the initiative, Priti Murthy, Chief Executive Officer – OMD India, says, “We’ve been associated with Metropolis for a long time now & it’s a beneficial step taken by the brand. We are happy to explore new boundaries & Instatalk rightfully suits our criteria.”

Sahil Chopra, Founder & CEO, iCubesWire, says, “We are extremely delighted to have begun our AI journey with the healthcare pioneer, Metropolis, who has never failed to set a benchmark in imparting best healthcare solutions. We are certain that the merger of AI bot with digital will prove beneficial as Instatalk promises to be the farsighted product helping the brand as well as the consumer.”

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