LeEco partners with iCubeswire to bolster its Digital Marketing initiatives

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New Delhi, August 17, 2016: Global Internet and technology conglomerate, LeEco has inked strategic partnership with one of the leading digital marketing solutions company in India– iCubeswire. The expertise of the company will enable LeEco to further strengthen its digital communication by offering personalized strategies and integrated marketing campaigns.

As part of the partnership, iCubeswire will support various digital marketing activities with accurate data, reports, analytics, and insights to drive higher ROI. In the past as well, iCubeswire has helped LeMall.com, in generating pre-buzz ahead of the launch of LeEco’s Superphones and sustaining momentum for them, ultimately aiding record-breaking sales.

LeEco prioritizes digital technologies into its core marketing strategies and these partnerships will play a critical role in delivering relevant and real-time experiences to consumers. LeEco is betting big on LeMall.com in India, their own marketplace e-commerce platform and the partnership with iCubeswire, will help LeMall.com generate pre-booking and registrations for its flash sales through innovative creatives for the connected generation.

 “With the increasing focus on digital channels, executing marketing strategies that connect effectively with user is extremely important. We believe this partnership will help us amplify the reach of LeMall.com and further entrench our presence in the country”, said Atul Jain, COO – Smart Business Electronics, LeEco India.

We are highly honored and excited to partner with LeEco as their digital marketing arm, particularly at a time when digital media usage in India is catching up and LeMall is entering the marketing with cutting edge technology and products. We are working towards being the one stop solution company for all leading digital marketing and affiliate ad network solutions. Our primary aim is to deliver services which add value to our customers and we are committed than ever to the digital marketing activities through online, video, mobile, rich media, etc.” said Sahil Chopra, Founder & CEO, iCubeswire.

iCubeswire has helped LeMall.com in creating a digital buzz before the phone launch through pre-booking registrations across India and flash Sales post the launch retargeting the same audience and delivering huge number of sales.  iCubeswire is now all set to provide similar offerings for the LeEco Super3 TV series which was recently launched in India. The Super3 TV range is a game changing launch for the Indian Market and have introduced Smart TVs at never heard competitive prices, powered with technology and content that is unseen and unmatched. iCubeswire which is again a key partner in the TV pre-launch registration as well as flash sales is looking to add value to the efforts of LeMall.com in India. LeMall.com is also going to create ripples with the LeMall day planned for 9th of August and it’ll be showcasing its products at major sale and is expected to generate many fold sales that day. LeMall is coming up with Presale day (10-12th August) & flash sales where iCubeswire will be driving registrations and this would India’s 1st Flash Sale specifically for TVs.

Over the years, marketing has moved beyond the traditional and has implications for a wide variety of stakeholders. In such a scenario and a fiercely competitive smartphone industry, these partnerships will empower LeEco to differentiate themselves from others.

About LeEco:

LeEco, formerly known as Letv, is a global pioneering internet and technology company with multiple internet ecosystems across content, devices, applications and platforms. Founded in November 2004 by Jia Yueting and Liu Hong, LeEco employs more than 10,000 people and is the world’s first video company to go public with a market capitalization of more than $12 billion USD. Headquartered in Beijing, China, it has regional headquarters in Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Silicon Valley.

With “Complete Ecosystem, Groundbreaking technologies, and Disruptive Pricing” as the guiding principle, LeEco is engaged in a myriad of businesses, spanning from Internet-based Super TV and Superphones, video production and distribution, smart devices/accessories and large-screen applications, to e-commerce and even connected super-electric cars.  The company also features one of the world’s largest content libraries, comprising of movies, TV dramas, entertainment shows, sports and music, which can be conveniently viewed on LeEco products, including the Superphones, Super TVs, and in the near future, Le Autos. Breaking the barriers of industries, LeEco provides personalized products and services for an enhanced user experience at disruptive prices.

 About iCubeswire:

iCubeswire is a leading Digital Marketing Solution and concept provider in India, providing a 360-degree environment to leading brands for their digital marketing needs. iCubeswire works with more than 400 brands ranging from Ecommerce, Automobile, Technology, Financial Institutes, Travel, Hospitality and many more. It affiliates more than 10,000 publishers across social, search, Email, Display, Rich Media and Videos, which is helping it deliver tailor made digital concepts to the brands they work with.

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