iCubesWire announces tailor-made Innovative Ad Solutions & Influencer Marketing Campaigns ahead of the World Cup & Festive Season

iCubesWire, a global Audience Ad Tech Platform, has announced interactive ad solutions and influencer marketing campaigns tailor-made for the upcoming World Cup and the festive season. The company is set to help brands across industries in amplifying their reach and scoring the most engagement by tapping into the fervour of cricket, a sport celebrated with immense passion in India.

The company is developing custom influencer marketing strategies and interactive ads, to offer brands a competitive edge. By subtly integrating cricket with the brands, iCubesWire ensures a relevant advertising experience for the audience.

Plugging influencer marketing and interactive ads is crucial for brands during high-profile events like the World Cup to build brand recall. By bringing cricket personalities and interactive ads into the picture, brands can engage the sport’s extensive fan base, resulting in significant value increases and high audience reach, as evidenced by the 451 million unique viewers on Star Sports and over 1300 crore video views on platforms like JioCinema during the IPL’23 season.

The interactive and immersive experiences provided by tech-play and smart gadget sensors, along with the credibility of cricket personalities, serve as indispensable tools for brands. These aspects further enhance brand resonance, and long-term loyalty, allowing brands to leave a lasting impression during such events.

Speaking on the announcement, Sahil Chopra, Founder & CEO, iCubesWire, said, “In a country where cricket is almost a religion, leveraging topical events and trends as grand as the World Cup is crucial for brands to connect with the audience on a deeper level. Our innovative ad solutions and influencer marketing campaigns are designed to help brands capitalize on the immense popularity of cricket, allowing them to grab more eyeballs during the World Cup and the upcoming festive season.”

Adding further, Eshaan Khosla, Head of Digital Marketing, Woodland, “The World Cup season is the ideal time for brands to create lasting impressions. The seamless integration of cricket with brands provides a memorable advertising experience, enhancing brand recall and loyalty among millions of viewers. iCubesWire’s innovative solutions are a game-changer, helping brands like ours to quickly and effectively connect with the audience and stand out during the World Cup and festive seasons.”

Commenting on the same, Ronak Sarda, VP – Strategy, Treasury & Investor Relation, Okinawa Autotech“Identifying pivotal global events like the World Cup is crucial to connect with the audience today. Our collaboration with iCubesWire has been transformative, with their cutting-edge advertising techniques and spot-on influencer partnerships providing us with a unique opportunity to resonate with sports enthusiasts. Such events offer a prime window for brands to create lasting bonds with their audience.”

Speaking about this, Pankaj Dahiya, Head of Marketing, Okinawa Autotech, “We understand the importance of connecting with our audience during high-energy events like the World Cup. Partnering with iCubesWire has allowed us to leverage their innovative ad solutions and influencer marketing campaigns, enabling us to engage with cricket enthusiasts on a whole new level. The World Cup is indeed a golden opportunity for brands to establish a deeper connection with the audience, and iCubesWire’s strategies are the perfect catalyst for achieving rapid brand growth and recall.”

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