How The Combination Of SaaS-Based Platform, AI And Analytics Helped iCubesWire Snag 500+ Clients

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No industry is untouched by the interesting offerings that analytics and artificial intelligence have to offer. Digital marketing companies are no exceptions as they are embracing these technologies in a wide array of applications.

Analytics India Magazine got in touch with Sahil Chopra, founder of iCubesWire for the same. Founded in 2010 iCubesWire extensively uses analytics and related tech. As Chopra describes, the company has been witnessing constant growth and innovation by rendering 360-degree digital solutions ranging from performance marketing, programmatic buying, SMM, ORM, AI-enabled innovations and digital suite.

Headquartered in Gurgaon, with branches in Mumbai, Bengaluru and London, they have been striving towards a chronic expansion of the organisation across geographies. It currently boasts over 500 names as clients in e-commerce, automobile, technology, finance, travel, hospitality and more.

Analytical Play At iCubesWire

Chopra began the organisation with the thought of imparting digital solutions to brands. Starting with email marketing and gradually expanding to other avenues, they have covered a lot of verticals and helped brands walk a smooth digital path. As they are constantly evolving, the need for analytics is extremely crucial.

As Chopra says, “Due to the multiple propositions in an organisation, analytics becomes a crucial part across verticals. It is paramount to analyse data on an everyday basis and evaluate the conversion of ROI with respect to the brands.”

The company also boasts a SaaS-based marketing platform called ‘Delta’ which plays a crucial role in digital marketing space. Explaining its importance, Chopra says that Delta is a unified digital suite that enables the customer to manage A to Z of digital tasks in a single integrated platform. It is a platform which requires only one login that opens to a dashboard to access all your digital marketing reports under respective panels.

He further explained that the panel of Delta has a list of verticals which is further divided into subsections for a clearer bifurcation. “With the help of various verticals like influencer marketing, social listening, SDK enabled profiling, inbuilt CRM, competitive analysis, google analytics, creative library, social media management to name a few, Delta becomes a one-stop solution for the brands across various domains. It is instrumental in streamlining the process that integrates digital ecosystem under one roof,” he added.

Instatalk, The AI-Enabled Chatbot

Instatalk, an AI-enabled digital innovation launched by iCubesWire in 2017, is a breakthrough innovation that pushes digital boundaries further and creates vast opportunities for the brands.

“Instatalk successfully bridges the gap between the consumer and the brand which has been a win-win situation for both the parties. The consumers can instantly interact with the brand and seek answers to the queries rather than postponing it. It has emerged as a favourite among the brands and is proving beneficial for them in all aspects”, says Chopra.

Chopra believes that AI benefits brand engagement on the spot which pushes information in the minds of the audience rather than pulling it out after browsing through pages. It answers consumer’s queries by implementing human intelligence in machines. “It will reduce the challenge of brand recall and help in sustaining the brand. The user engagement will increase drastically as the customer will be able to interact almost immediately,” he says.

The Technology Stack At iCubesWire

Chopra is quick to add that technology is the soul of iCubesWire and it plays a vital role in the smooth functioning of the organisation. “Since we are a full-fledged digital organisation, there are ample tools we require in-house as well as for partners and clients. Each department has a separate set of tools that they bank upon and collectively leading to the desired output,” he said.

With a team of 100+ employees spanning across various cities, they are constantly in a lookout for employees that have accurate technological knowledge with a knack for innovation and are updated with the constantly evolving space.

The Growth Story

Chopra shares that it has been a roller-coaster ride with tremendous growth and a plethora of opportunities. “With the help of an ardent team that is working round the clock has been the organisation’s biggest asset. Both the horizontal and vertical growth has been escalating across geographies. Vertically we have grown from performance marketing to a full-service digital agency and now to a technology-driven product organisation. For future also, we have plans of expanding further in terms of business, offices, employees and all the other vertical,” he said.

The company, which has been bootstrapped since the beginning, has over 500 esteemed clients in its kitty with names such as Make My Trip, Amazon, Flipkart, Central Park, Ambience Group, Paytm, Konica Minolta, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Axis Bank, Wipro Talent Acquisition, among others.

Staying Competitive Amidst Challenges

Being in tech space, the iCubesWire team faces its own challenges. Amidst the ever growing challenges and competitions, Chopra shares that competition in the market, in fact, strives them to perform better. “We have never seen competition as a threat, instead it boosts us to be on our toes always and up our game each time. With the economy experiencing a thunderous growth it isn’t quite possible to be the only player in the market. Thus, we always regard the competitors in a healthy spirit,” he says on a concluding note.


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