How iCubesWire is using AI in its products, usability, future tech & how AI is changing the digital ecosystem?

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Artificial Intelligence is undoubtedly the visionary future we’ve been craving for. The preliminary stage that is being witnessed is just a fragment of the vast amplitude waiting to be explored. Marketers are highly optimistic about the onset of AI and are leaving no stone unturned to assimilate its regulation.

In Q2 last year, we entered the product vertical by launching an AI-enabled digital innovation called Instatalk. It facilitates instant communication for leveraging customer’s queries & imparting solutions. The quick & direct clarifications curtail the time lapse between watching an advertisement & reacting to it, thus creating a better connect between the brand and the customer. Instatalk seamlessly bridges the gap between the brand and the customers and is being utilized by the former ever since. With esteemed clients like Maruti, Metropolis etc. Instatalk is gaining popularity among the significant brands of the industry. As per the feedback, the user engagement & experience has seen a rise in the campaigns as the customer was able to interact almost immediately. This can be a fine example of the study which states that the shoppers using AI tool lead to higher conversions than the ones who do not have AI.

To alleviate the supply side, we have created a response-based bot facilitated for the affiliate platform which interacts with the affiliates and caters to their level one issues instantly. This AI enabled tool is in its final stage of examination and will have a breakthrough domination upon its launch.

The penetration and demand of AI in our lives can be felt from the fact that now technology is not a mere influence but a mode of dependency. People are highly vulnerable to technology and get accustomed to the ever-advancing technology within the blink of an eye. Chatbots are one such machine learning AI tools which even though form a brief portion of AI, are enjoying the limelight at the moment which is to integrate its usage to the maximum potential benefitting the demand as well as the supply side.

As per an online survey conducted by us, 90% individuals are satisfied while interacting with chatbots and deem it useful for future. Well, the reason behind the impressive percentage would be the rate of accuracy and instant solutions imparted by chatbots. This clearly proves that people are accepting the change which is gradually carving a niche of its own. Another impressive data which is profitable for the brand is that 45% of the consumers are unable to differentiate between a chatbot & human which is the ideal purpose of the brand.

In the fast pacing world of today, wherein everyone is extremely busy and occupied, there is nothing better than a machine helping you achieve desired solutions in a matter of seconds. With the humongous popularity being gained by AI, the chances of error also become minimal thereby increasing the efficiency. Everything being operated on AI algorithm eases our life on daily basis whether we realize it or not. Thus, the commencement of artificial intelligence is a positive revolution which will transform the face of the digital world & have farsighted benefits for each one of us.

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