Digital & Social Media Marketing is must for any company


With Internet being the future, Sahil Chopra, Co-Founder –  iCubes devises new ways and methods for digital companies to remain on top. In a chat with Sahil, he tells us what he feels is the new-age digital marketing is like and how going mobile is the way forward –

How is iCubes positioned today among the top digital marketing solution providers in the country? How do you choose to be different from rest?

We started iCubes in 2010 and at a time where the entire digital marketing in India was taking shape. This did give us an edge and we were clearly able to stand out in terms of the knowledge we could bring on the table for the brands that we’ve worked with. We’ve seen the entire landscape change since then and have been consistently researching as to how we make an impact.

Our education initiatives Email Vidya and iCubeskonnect have given us an edge wherein we didn’t just train the industry buy also got to do lot of research as to what should be the approach to generate maximum ROI. At the same time, we have smartly invested into technology and have been able to generate lot of customer intelligence to get our customers true ROI.

Who are the key customers you are working with today?

We have more than 500 customers now – some of the known names include Snapdeal, Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Shopclues, Taj Hotels and Titan and so on.

What is your future roadmap with regards to business extension and customer acquisition?

Since the world is becoming more digital and more mobile, we are focusing more on going mobile and working towards making effective mobile strategies. We are investing heavily in technology. Our ability to capture big data and apply analytics to throw out useful insights for our customers will be at the core of our value proposition. That of course combined with our ability to conduct effective and wide ranging campaigns to leverage those insights. We continue to build a business that delivers value to customers and to turn them into high-value lifetime customers who keep coming back and support us, in order to reap the long-term benefits of customer retention and loyalty.

Are you also looking out for any investment opportunities going ahead?

We have generated enough funds internally since our inception and we are growing at a very healthy rate. So far we haven’t felt any requirement of outside fundsbut that might change in days to come. We could feel the need for exponential or inorganic growth, or even adding on other services or expanding our presence further. We are in touch with investors and will look at it at the appropriate time.

 With Internet being the future, what innovative methods and ways do you suggest companies need to adopt to remain at the top?

Internet being the future, I think online and social media marketing is must for any company to be on the top. Some of the methods I would like to mention here are:

Competitive Analysis: Since every market is highly competitive, so basic research is really essential for every organisation about themselves and their competitors.

 Optimal conversion: Optimize the conversion rate is the practice of getting people who come to your website to do what you want them to do as much as possible, and usually that involves filling out a form so that at the very least you have their email address.

Email marketing: Email marketing is really powerful and essential aspect of digital marketing. Here I’m not talking about spamming people by buying lists that are being sold to your competitors too, but to create awareness/visibility of your brand.

Search Engine Marketing: Companies should spend on Search Engine Marketing that includes both paid search ads, like Google AdWords, and search engine optimization (SEO) to try to get high organic search listings for the website content.

 Digital marketing has become all-pervasive. How can the authenticity of a digital marketing campaign be verified?

Earlier, digital marketing was all about getting more content online, looking at analytics and using driven strategies to generate traffic. These aspects are equally important but one should not try to be another brand. ‘Being yourself’ – a separate identity and uniqueness of a brand is very important.

These days digital marketing is totally data driven and the whole process is very much sanitised and systematic that it hardly requires further authentication.

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