Chatbot Trends in India in 2018

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There is a new wave that has hit the market – the emergence of chat-bots. In today’s times, every brand is exploring means to derive maximum benefit out of the wave. Directly or indirectly everyone is affected by artificial intelligence and soon it will play a predominant role in everyone’s lives. There is humongous scope left to be delved into and brands are not leaving any stone unturned for grabbing the next big opportunity. While, it has already become the talk of the town, there are multiple trends estimated to materialize further in 2018. Here are some of them:

1. Chat-bots for Mainstream Marketing
Chat-bots have successfully been incorporated in websites. Now, the trend is taking a leap ahead with chat-bots being embedded within the banner advertisements to provide solutions to the customer on the spot. As per a survey, 85% of service providers believe that in the next five years, customer interactions will be carried out by robots rather than humans. It is interesting to know that India tops the list of countries where people are willing to pay more for a better digital customer experience. We have also entered the segment with ‘Instatalk’ – our artificial intelligence tool that can be embedded with the banners & advertisements.

2. Growth with Respect to Departments


Besides the need for expanding & adapting the usage of chat-bots in various industries, the need to enable it intra-office is also being contemplated. To omit the scope of human error, it is being implemented in departments across the office like the HR department, finance department, sales and likewise. This will not only streamline processes but will also reduce the possibilities of human error. With the HR policy integration, chat-bots are bound to enhance the flow by making it quick & systematic. Even with the chat-bots being integrated with various industries, there is a need to utilize the chat-bots strategically and amplify it as the medium of interaction. For instance, Facebook Messenger has 1 billion users & chat-bot integration will impart a hassle-free experience to the users on a very large scale.

3. Catering to Level 2 Issues

The chat-bots are ready to take a plunge in our lives by solving queries beyond the general parameters. As per reports, 80 out of 100 chats are predictable and can easily be programmed. The focus is now shifting to provide automation for the remaining 20. This is when level 2 queries come into picture, wherein data integration will play a vital role. The individual data can be derived through API which collects information individually. Since, the data will be fetched through API, it will become easier to meet customer expectations with personalized communication. In the coming years, human interaction with the brands will reduce drastically and we are likely to receive answers just by interacting with the bot.

4. Trust Seal for Security

Since, the bots will barge into our lives and become an inevitable part of our digital dealings, it is of utmost importance for the chat-bot to be secure and genuine so as to avoid theft and outflow of personal information. If brands are aiming to interact with the customers via chat-bots in future, they will have to certify its authenticity and secure the customers of their dealings. If the chat-bot is fabricated, the repercussions can be drastic for the brand, the user as well as the rate of trust towards chat-bots. While on the other hand, a check on the users should also be conducted to avoid prank chats, objectionable language, etc.

5. Practical Execution

The usage of chat-bots has been thought upon deeply and there are research and theories revolving it. However, now is the apt time to implement and prepare it for a practical execution. As per a survey, a user is 5 times more likely to be engage with a bot than downloading the app. Since they are present within the medium, they don’t have to be downloaded or need an account, etc.; making it easier and quicker than downloading an app. Thus, brands need to bank upon this opportunity and start embedding chat-bots so as to enhance the appetite for AI among users.

Chat-bots certainly are the ‘in’ thing in today’s times and they are surely here to stay; at least for a while. The world is advancing at a fast pace and so is the technology. The chat-bots will grow smarter by the day; just like the human brain. Each one is a solution born out of the other and will complement one another if nurtured in a positive ambience.

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