Artificial Intelligence: 5 things every job-seeker should know

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No, it won’t take away your job. 

It won’t destroy you either, says Sahil Chopra, CEO and founder, iCubesWire.

Artificial Intelligence is clearly the buzzword today. Everyone is discussing about its aspects and evaluating its pros and cons to the best of their interests. While AI is the newbie masses are going ga-ga over, it is speeding up faster than one anticipated. AI has conveniently paved its way into our lives. Knowingly or unknowingly we use it seamlessly in the basic chores. Any one who has used a smartphone is bound to have come across AI in some way or the other. It won’t be erratic to say that the machines are now becoming as intelligent as humans, which is both astonishing and alarming at the same time. There is a wide plethora of hush-hush revolving around the future job opportunities etc. Though a precise future is unpredictable and could be either favorable or destructive, there are certain aspects that the aspiring jobseekers could keep in mind:

1. AI won’t take away your job

Contrary to the pessimistic belief, AI will not take away the job of humans. In fact, it will create amplitude for additional job opportunities and ignite the need to employ more and more people under its garb.

Right from research, technology, implementation, integration, innovations etc., there will be reasonable demand for people to work under advancement and expansion of AI.

For clearer understanding, AI could be regarded as a separate department similar to the various departments functioning. Thus, like the latter, there will be people working in the AI vertical.

More than elimination of jobs, a rendition of jobs will be experienced.

Though there could be loss of few human jobs at grassroots level wherein the work is now gradually being conducted by bots.

The integration of AI is done to get rid of mundane and boring work conducted by humans which becomes automated and free of error.

For AI to not be a threat to your job, one must evolve, work smartly and match pace with AI. If you lag, you may unfortunately have to bear the brunt.

The ratio of new jobs and opportunities created, however, will be far more than jobs getting eliminated due to AI.

2. AI won’t destroy you

If you’ve believed the sci-fi movies, AI enabled robots, according to you, will perform horrid tasks which can create havoc on human race ultimately leading to extinction.

This isn’t exactly how it sounds.

AI enabled devices can perform only what they are designed to do. The extent of their power should be strictly regulated.

When the AI system is granted the authority to think of its own that is when the results could be ambiguous and horrifying.

It is in the hands of human to be extra cautious when it comes to artificial intelligence and if it is fabricated so as to bring about affirmative innovations and changes, it will certainly work in that direction.

3. It’s not just tech-specific

The inception of AI is certainly driven by technology companies. But now it is gradually being incorporated by other sectors and industries.

Right from financial sectors to healthcare, retail and e-commerce to BFSI, FMCG and so on, each vertical is eager to devour the AI-led opportunities that lead to significant benefits for the brand.

It is deemed useful in more ways.

4. It requires specialization

AI is extremely complex, far more than we can imagine.

Since it is still in nascent stage, there aren’t many people who comprehend its usage thoroughly. Thus, deeper knowledge and understanding of AI is paramount and this makes room for more opportunities as the competition with respect to jobs is less.

Meaningful integration requires specialisation and quite a few people are acquainted with only the basic understanding of AI.

As far as R&D is concerned, the researchers are split between optimists and pessimists.

It is intriguing to dig deeper into the debate and create breathtaking innovations out of the same. Thus, the scope of AI is far-sighted and impactful.

5. AI is infinite

The degree to which AI can blend in our lives is limitless.

The extreme power of AI is unknown and unexplored for mankind and thus, there lies endless opportunities for it to grow.

There are various tributaries, verticals that AI delves into and each one is different from the other.

Whether backend or frontend, research, ideation, implementation, functionality has immense scope which the aspiring jobseekers could bank upon and extract pathbreaking innovations.

They must seize the opportunity and seek maximum benefit from it.

With the exponential scope and potential of AI, there is a need to deploy more human resource to satiate the requirement.

Considering it is in its growth stage, this is the perfect time to understand and get associated with it. Good luck!

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