Who moved my leads?

Social platforms are helping businesses to engage & generate sales leads


It is really becoming an equal equation. Crack the code with Sahil Chopra, Founder & CEO, iCubesWire as he opines on how to optimize your online leads!


The Social Leaders Lead by Examples  

On social media you “lead people to what they want”. Give the audience what they ask for and you’ll trend. Distinct Social Media handles work differently, of course, are motive being the same on all platforms – to increase followers and alter them into leads. And why not? Social media marketing has reduced costs for 45% of businesses by generating leads through digital media. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram can help you generate real leads for your business. And the part about Digital Marketing is that it is cost effective, and produces results.

Buy Buy Online is a Good Buy Strategy!

People today expect to find everything online; from clothes to houses, from flight booking to hotels, restaurants and salon services too. So if you’re not on the Internet, you’re surely missing on a lot. Know the maneuver behind the different social media platforms – like hashtags on Instagram and Facebook, keywords, the right time to post, the limited content that should be there on the creatives, etc. These details really affect your end result of any post, ad or campaign that is online. There’s a lot to these social media handles than you think.

We’re all on social media to build brand, convert followers into leads and we do that with both, paid and organic methods of promotion. Paid ads can return a lot of traffic at a low cost if you’ve created something that genuinely interests your target audience. Especially, if you’re new to social media, paid ads can deliver an immediate influx of traffic while the organic methods run at their own pace.

Keep It Contest! This Fun Leads to Another!  

Then there are other ways too. Like running a photo contest or a sales driven promotional contest! This strategy always results in a win-win situation for you and your followers. Depending on your motive, you can accordingly plan the contest. Enter the contest by following us or registering on this link, maybe sharing our posts; that’s all up to you or your motive behind it. This can help increase followers tremendously or can help in the marketing plan or boost up traffic on your page and so forth.

Gated Content, for the Content Diggers  

There’s Gated Content too that really does the trick here. Content hidden behind a virtual gate is what Gated Content is. A tactic to increase leads. Keep in mind to always share the link while promoting the Gated Content. Whenever clicked on the link it will direct the user to a page where they can access the content but then there’s a catch. They will have to provide their information so as to access the content. If they do so, those readers become great leads for your brand if your work and the content works for them. So, for this to work, keep in mind that the content needs to be interesting and useful to the reader.

Social helps geo-target your audience. Never miss upon that!  

Your search for the leads has to be Geo-targeted, that’s very essential. You would not want to approach the kind of audience who are never going to be your customers. For instance, if you have a restaurant is in India you would obviously keep your search limited to India and that to the city your restaurant is in. Does that make sense to you? A person in the US is not going to visit your restaurant unless he is in Indian and in your city. Targeting the right audience is what will provide leads and save your time.

Pay attention to details. Comments that people leave behind show that they are inclined to your brand and like you. Hence, they make the effort. Always respond and don’t show care but actually care, they’ll like that. Don’t forget these are the people who help you build.

Video Leads to Business? Possible

Use videos and pictures of high-resolution quality that interests your followers. They follow you for the content first and then your services. Remember that. If they don’t think you can deliver what your brand actually stands for, they might not be impressed and will unfollow. The crux: you need to stand out through your content and presentation.

So, the account that kept all of this in mind and a lot more are the ones who are (staying in your favour) leading online and that is where your leads are moved to. I support you 100%, know that.


Just gear up and get back what’s yours!



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