Social Media Marketing – a Driving Force for iCubesWire

In a chat with VARINDIA, Sahil Chopra, CEO and Founder, iCubesWire discusses about its pan India business & marketing programs, along with the initiatives iCubesWire is adopting to provide a better customer service considering its ‘go getter’ approach –
What was the inspiration behind forming the company? Which year was ICUBESWIRE formed?

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I always dreamt of starting my own enterprise since my college days. I started my career with NIIT in 2006 in the Global E-learning business where I got acquainted with the basics of running an organization.After working there for 3 years I got a break with Hong Kong Tourism board where I worked in the digital marketing division. That’s where, I got a deep exposure of the digital marketing and the push to start my own company came in.

Back in 2010, the knowledge about digital marketing was still evolving in India. However, with the popularity of the internet, it was the right time to introduce the brand in the market. Hardly anyone understood Digital Marketing and when we spoke about Digital Marketing we always got a blank stare. But, we had already seen a vision of the future and understood the potential so the substantial gap and therefore the need that existed was also clear to us.

iCubesWire was formed in 2010 and thereafter we launched Email Vidya in 2011 to train the industry on Email Marketing. That laid the foundation and helped us to set up other products and services on top of it. In 2016, we thought of restructuring the company to provide a 360-degree environment to leading brands for their digital marketing needs and that’s when we renamed the company to iCubesWire.

How has been the 7 years of the company? What growth has it witnessed in Indian market?

We have successfully completed 7 years being in the digital industry. The key achievement of iCubesWire lies in the adoption of big data technology. Our offerings have evolved to a stage where we are managing, tracking and improving the entire digital marketing life-cycle for a number of brands.

Since its inception, the company has acquired more than 500 brands covering E-commerce, Automobile, Technology, Financial Institutes, Travel, Hospitality and many more sectors. We have more than 10,000 publishers as affiliates across social, search, Email, Display, Rich Media and Videos, which is helping us deliver tailor made digital concepts to customers for the areas that they work in. We are now a team of 100 people working in our Gurgaon and Mumbai offices.

Over the last 7 years, we are proud to have been associated with Amazon, PayTM, Axis Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Central Park, P&G and likewise.

As digital media is ever evolving, what are the advantages of digital marketing over conventional form of traditional marketing? What are the different digital marketing tools that ICUBESWIRE deals in?

Traditional marketing was the only success builder for branding as digital marketing did not exist. Now that digital media has been evolving at a fast pace, brands that only follow the traditional approach and conventional media lag. Digital marketing wins over traditional marketing in many ways. One of them is the cost reduction. Entrepreneurs around the world are familiar and prefer this strategy as cost to market is a major concern. The ad spends in newspaper, TV and the likes costs a lot, while online media is the best in terms of outreach and also a much more cost-effective medium for marketing.

Another important advantage of digital marketing is real-time result. With traditional marketing, the companies have to wait for weeks and sometimes even months for the results to show up. But with online marketing, we get real-time results, which allow us to think and reshape our marketing campaigns on a daily basis if required, making them more successful.

The biggest advantage of digital media is that it is pin point measurable, which means you can track the growth of all the campaigns to the minutest detail. This isn’t the case with any other channel whether TV, print, radio etc.

What are the various digital solutions you provide to your customers?

Our digital marketing solutions have proven to be the best in class and helped us stay a front our competitors. We are a 360-degree digital solution provider and work with a true ROI driven approach. Our services include:

Performance Marketing
Programmatic Buying
Mobile Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Online Reputation Management
Strategic Design & Development

As presently social media has become a powerful marketing tool and offers greater customer engagement, how is it helping ICUBESWIRE in providing better customer service?

Social Media Marketing is one of our strengths. We follow a data driven strategy and offer more value than just increasing the fan following of a brand. iCubesWire holds expertise in paid, owned and earned marketing. We offer a range of social media marketing and creative solutions to connect the brand with its right kind of audience. Our service is a perfect balance of insight, analytic and digital creative aimed at achieving a high ROI.
Listening and ORM are another key requirement which we offer as it helps track the online reputation of a brand and connects the customers and the brand in a better way.

With new wave of virtual reality and its intensification, what are your prospect marketing plans to adopt it and provide it to your customers?

With the other solutions in place, we are now venturing into other segments as well like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual reality and lot more. Announcements of which will be made very soon.

Tell us something about your pan India business & marketing programs and initiatives and how do you handle different needs of your different customers?

We are a team of 100+ passionate employees based out of our offices in Gurgaon and Mumbai who have been instrumental in building up a strong client base in Delhi-NCR, Mumbai & Bengaluru. We are associated with a few of the biggest names in the market like Amazon, Flipkart, The Lodha Group, Pepperfry, PayTM etc. by providing them end to end solutions in the digital front right from social media to performance marketing, SEO, SEM, ORM and listening.

How is ICUBESWIRE proving itself better from other marketing giants in context of competition?

We are creating an impact with a perfect combination of both performance marketing and strategy which will soon be clubbed with Artificial Intelligence.

How have you structured your partner ecosystem? How is your customer engagement module like?

We have been associated with more than a dozen partners in the field of technology, design etc. Our Gurgaon and Mumbai offices are branched into various verticals like Client Servicing, Operations, Performance, technical, SEO & social team and each team is assigned tasks as per their area of expertise. Together we add more value to the brand’s online presence.

What are the online strategies developed for growing the company?

We like to follow the mantra of “teach what you preach”. We aim to provide the best possible solutions to the brand and thankfully have been able to achieve it so far. Striving to exceed our performance with each passing day we hope to achieve a lot more with our go-getter approach.

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