Have you got your invite to the clubhouse yet?

Social media platforms got us through 2020. During times of social distancing, these platforms kept us together and in sync with friends, family, and colleagues. While Zoom became your conference room for meetings, Houseparty made a room for itself and won the title of the coolest hotspot to hang out.

This cultural shift in the way we connect and communicate has sparked competition among the leading social media platforms to gain an edge and be better than the rest. We recently saw how LinkedIn introduced stories following the trail behind Facebook. The race to be the most popular social media platform continues as new social media platforms join in. One such emerging platform is Clubhouse.

The app has amassed huge popularity among the mass off late since the world’s richest man and the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk tweeted about checking out the app. However, that might not be the only reason for the app’s rising traction.

Social media app but different 

Clubhouse is designed as a voice-based social media app. As soon as you are on Clubhouse, you can easily join in and out of the different rooms based on your what you like. The app allows you to share your thoughts or sit back and listen to what is going around in different audio-chat rooms.

The social media app packs an exclusive experience, quite literally. The app has only been launched on iOS devices as of now and needs an invite from an existing Clubhouse user to join the network. Reportedly, the team has begun working on the android app to welcome more voices. However, every Clubhouse user only gets two invites. And till you receive the invite, you can download the app and reserve a username for the time being.

Welcome to the Clubhouse

Once you have successfully joined Clubhouse, the app allows you to follow individuals, chat rooms, and different topics. There are different rooms you can join and follow people participating in there. You can raise your hands when you want to speak. However, moderators have the final say in any room, and it entirely depends on them whether to approve your request or not. The app also lists itself as a real-identity platform in its terms of service and conducts social proofing to eliminate the chances of fake profiles.

In spite still being in beta, unofficial sources have estimated that the nine months old app has already garnered a user base of more than three million. Nevertheless, It’s too early to know how Clubhouse will keep on advancing as it develops, and what that advancement will mean for other social media platforms. Till then, good luck waiting for your invite while we wait for ours.


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