Gamified Training & Development Is Future Of Modern HR Ecosystem?

The Human Resource industry as a whole is today witnessing a sea of change. Businesses in search of talent are no more concerned about just acquiring the skill sets, in fact, they are more than willing to substantially grow the resource pool with a unified approach of resource development. Technology is playing a pivotal role in solving that concern for most big or small organizations that are already looking forward to emphasizing upon engaging approaches as the most optimum way to induce training and development across management levels and hierarchy.

What is Gamified Training?

Gamified Training is a future driven simulation-based training concept which combines the forms of recreational and informative learning methods to make it more engaging for the learners. A gamified training module comprises of a series of game-based learning events which is more interactive, competitive and incentivized learning experiences.

Here are top tools every HR must know

Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality are really shifting the way Training modules are taking shape. More and more HR Programs are integrating inexpensive 2D flash-based tools to more 3D environments designed to replicate actual experiences that are more immersive and engaging.

Possibilities of Tech-enabled Corporate Learning

Here’s the tip of the iceberg for the top talent managers who wish to successfully build, scale and optimize their ever-growing workforce:

  • Unifying the Workforce – Leveraging upon the fact that Gamified Learning is intuitive and virtual; it is very binding of sorts to simultaneously connect training managers to reach out to a wider audience scattered at multiple locations.
  • Enhances Accessibility – Bringing geographies closer, in a real-time or recorded, Gamified training and learning can remotely accessible by a user and incredibly flexible in case of real-time and recorded training sessions.
  • Improves Effectiveness – As the name suggests, Gamified Learning is considered to be the aptest way to connect and involve users in an engaging non-preachy, more interactive session of training and development modules
  • Efficient Workforce – Well groomed in less time! That’s right, businesses are nowadays focusing on a notion that acquiring the talent pool won’t be enough; to have an efficient workforce HR Managers must adopt Gamified Training and Development as a prudent resort to increase workforce efficiencies.

What are the elements of Gamified Training & Development Program?

The whole theory of Human Resource Development revolves around the fact that it leaves the employees to feel motivated. Here’s a quick guide to understanding the elements and steps to implement a Gamified Learning strategy in practice.

  • Storyline – The gamut of modules are weaved into a storyline, which promotes ease of grasp.
  • Levels & Challenges – There are entry, mid and advanced levels making it interesting and competitive.
  • Leaderboard – Various users, who have been participating in these type of learning methods, can see their individual scores and team scores as they go along on a unified platform. Bringing in the sense of healthy competition among team members which eventually may lead to optimized productivity!
  • Rewards – Gratification plays a significant role as the real motivator to take it on a positive stride.
  • Analytics – Tech enabled gamified training methods proves to be more responsive when it comes to ascertaining knowledge transfer evaluations.

Initial Industry Acceptance is apparently making it a Widely Popular Medium

Around the world gamified training started successfully over a decade ago, however, Gamification strategies are still developing and maturing in India. Gamified learning is indeed a little expensive learning method which requires a longer lead time to develop. An effective gamified learning concept should capture and retain learner’s attention, engage them with a meaningful narrative, challenge them, may provide feedback and pointers for improvement. Many sophisticated gamified approaches focus on each individual learner, customizing their eLearning experience. Gamification is certainly in the spotlight and is expected to be the future. HR Communities have already started introducing and leveraging gamification programs to streamline workforce management, development as an important element to have a higher degree of impact on employee engagements and improved employee retention!

Gamified Learning processes are indeed turning out to be the game changer, however yet to see the wider picture, HR Managers are more than happy and ready to welcome this new wave! So, let’s put our best foot forward to design our very first Gamified Training Module that’s going to guarantee best of the learning curves to scale up the employee’s productivity and engagement a notch above!

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