A Peek at the Week: iCubesWire’s Devinder Sharma

Prior to joining iCubesWire, Sharma worked at Opera Mediaworks
Devinder Sharma was recently appointed as iCubesWire’s chief growth officer.

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Prior to joining iCubesWire, Sharma worked at Opera Mediaworks as an ad sales director where he was managing the mobile brand sales and revenue in South Asia market. In this role, Devinder will lead new business efforts, cross-network collaboration, and company marketing while reporting to CEO, Sahil Chopra.

In this week’s edition of A Peek at the Week, Sharma gives the readers peek into his first week at work, hits and misses, how the iCubesWire office is designed for creative efficiency and reveals to us what the ‘Executive’s Bay’ really is:

A warm welcome

First days are a mix of anxiety of being a part of the new office and the adrenaline rush of what lies ahead; a turn of events that happened with me last week, when I joined iCubesWire as the chief growth officer.

On the 1st of June, I remember reaching office and patiently waiting for the HR in the waiting room. A quick glance around the office and oh boy! I was impressed. The vibrant colored walls, the witty sarcastic quotes and the unconventional lights… To my surprise, the HR head entered with a big box in her hand called the ‘Welcome Kit’. I felt like a kid receiving a gift. A little chit chat and I was already added to the WhatsApp group of the company, a welcome email with my photograph and details had been circulated to all the employees and within seconds I felt like I was the talk of the town.

‘The introduction round’

Then came my favourite part – the introduction round. All team members stood facing me and to be honest I did feel a bit nervous. The CEO, Sahil Chopra, introduced me briefly to everyone stating my accomplishments, our relationship that dates long back and much more. Turn by turn everyone had to introduce themselves with their name, their team and a dream that they wish to fulfill. What a fun and interactive round it was, listening to my fellow colleagues’ fun, inspiring, unique and intriguing dreams. By the end of this activity, I was convinced that I was at the right place amidst a bunch of young fun-loving people.

Taking it all in

A while later, I sat with Sahil discussing the company’s strengths, the foresighted plans and the policies. Even after being such a vast company with over 100 employees, Sahil believes in an open door approach, wherein any employee can approach him directly for any concern. Kudos to such a thought!

The sudden hustle bustle in the office made me realize it was time for lunch and looking at them eating together certainly reminded me of my college days when a bite from each one’s tiffin was your meal for the day.

When offices stimulate creativity

Later in the day, I was escorted to my newly built cubical besides the other executive’s desk fondly called as the ‘Executive’s Bay’. What caught my attention were the beautifully decorated cubicles, probably the most creative desks I’ve seen so far. Each one was more creative than the other, a competition, if I had to judge, would probably declare everyone a winner.

The clock struck 6 and my first day came to an end and while walking down the aisle towards the elevator all I could do was smile!

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