What is PIE?


A unified dashboard for Brands & Agencies for demand generation backed with performance market audience intelligence & user engagement insights.

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Advanced Audience Intelligence with PIE

Advanced Audience Intelligence with PIE with the precise collection and categorisation of audience data from varied sources, Ad Exchanges, Media Owners & influenceZ.

Supply Channels
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    Ad Exchanges

    Connected with SSPs & exchanges for enhanced visibility and reach.

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    OEMs & Operators

    Partnered with OEMs and operators to bring your ad to more platforms and devices.

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    Social, OTT & Audio

    Tap into the power of Social Media, Influencers, Over-the-Top (OTT) platforms, and Audio Channels for omni-channel targeting.

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    Publications, Sites & Affiliates

    Expand your reach and increase your brand visibility with our extensive network of Publications, Sites, and Affiliates.


Intelligent Data Segmentation

  • Predictive targeting

    Leveraging AI to anticipate customer needs & optimise targeting strategies.

  • Geo-fencing

    Harness the power of location-based marketing to reach potential customers within a specific geographic boundary.

  • Cross-Device Mapping

    Understand your user's journey across different devices for a seamless marketing experience.

  • Demography

    Utilize demographic insights to create highly targeted marketing campaigns.


Why do you need P.I.E?

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    Lookalike Finder
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    Audience Discovery across Mobile | Web | Social
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    Connected TV Audience Discovery
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    Interest-Based Insights
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    Audience Sync to generate true ROI
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    Budget Planner
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    Actionable Customer Insights

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