Culture is
our currency

Any service business is a glass building full of people. People are more or less good at what they do than their competitors. Culture brings difference to a business. We believe culture is the currency that attracts, retains and inspires talent, and takes the business to a new height. Ours is an open culture on open floor, everybody is approachable, and meritocracy reigns supreme.

Trust and
hand in hand

Started 7 years back, now we're a strong team of 100 talents from diverse work, culture and demographic backgrounds. We're leading the industry and growing. Passionate and accountable people, those who break the mould are growing too, leaps and bounds! Some of who joined us as Senior Manager 3 years back are now heading business in various regions of the country. We trust our team members to make smart decisions and set their own agenda.

Work with the best

iCubesWire is the sum of its people who spend their days providing customers with the
best digital marketing solutions. Here dynamic culture and vibrant environment promote talent.

Join us in building the future of digital marketing in India.

Make the
job meaningful

Your day job helps you survive, gives you money for your hard work. We add meaning to money. We make the job so meaningful that they take responsibilities as their personal missions. And they do! The meaning comes in many forms - the fun, the ethics, the knowledge and the purpose, everything that benefits a person later in life. We engage our people with a variety of activities that help them refresh and recharge.

Monthly rewards for the best performers at iCubesWire motivates them to keep performing well at each hour, each day, each week, each month. Besides, team offsites every consecutive second month maintains a flow of fresh thoughts and is a perfect remedy to unwind oneself.

If you love
your job, you
won’t have to
work a day.

Any work day has 8 work hours, and that’s big, around 1/3rd of your daily life. That’s why we take every possible measure to make the work place fun, so that our employees love it. Here, tasks and timings are declared, not forced upon the people as long as they complete the assignment and show up at meetings on time. We also let them work from home if such cases arise.

For me, work is worship and Icubeswire is my child. In the last 7 years, the most enriching and gratifying experience has been to see the child grow from a company of 2 employees to now 100 worthy employees and from a bedroom office to now an office space in Gurgaon, Mumbai & Bangalore. I look forward to scaling new heights each day and motivating my team for the same.

Aditya Singh